Olive oil

Homemade olive oil from Casa Paco

The yellow gold from Spain, so the olive oil is also called. In February 2009 we started our own olive grove. We have chosen two-year-old Arbequina olive trees, which are known for their very good olive oil. Currently there are more than 250 trees planned, with a part ‘adopted’ by friends, family, guests and other interested people (read more on the page ‘Olive Orchard’).

Arbequina olive oil

The Arbequina olive is known for its excellent quality, with a taste of pepper and artichoke. “Disadvantage” of the Arbequina olive is its yield in oil. The average olive tree gives about 25% oil, with the Arbequina this is 14%.

Since the end of 2009, Casa Paco sells its own Arbequina olive oil in bottles of 500ml and since the end of 2011 we have three varieties of 250 ml; natural, garlic and red pepper.




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