One of the most difficult things in Spain is the maze of rules and authorities. Where do you need to be for this and what do you need for that. For us that was also a puzzle in the beginning, but after 14 years we know our way around the corridors and websites of the government.

Do you need help with things that play around your house, doing tax returns or entering your car or applying for your NIE… ask us. We work pragmatically and at attractive and transparent rates.

What can you hire us for?

  • declaration and payment of non-resident tax (modelo 210) € 37.50 per declaration (excl. amount due)
  • payment of IBI (real estate and land), hourly rate of € 25,-
  • check and possible correction of the land/house in the Land Registry (Registro and Catastro), at an hourly rate of €25
  • apply for a NIE number, at an hourly rate of € 25 (standard from € 115 per NIE number)
  • request Nota Simple, at an hourly rate of € 25
  • register in the municipality (empadronamiento), at an hourly rate of €25
  • import car, at an hourly rate of € 25,
  • check the status of your (yet to be bought) house with the municipality, at an hourly rate of € 25
  • request a tourism number at the Junta de Andalucia, at an hourly rate of € 25

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