Vulture spotting

On the east side of Casa Paco is the mountain ‘La Muela’ (the molar). In the 90’s several pairs of vultures were released on this mountain to revive the old colony of vultures. For connoisseurs, they are griffon vultures (Gyps Fulvus) with a wingspan of up to 2.65 meters). From Casa Paco these vultures can be observed with good binoculars, but the vultures are of course better seen when you go closer to the Muela. Especially with warm weather (vultures use the thermals) the vultures can be seen in large numbers. The route to the vultures is an experience in itself, with beautiful views, different birds and animals and unexpected encounters.

We are of course happy to show you the way to see these birds ourselves or we will drive with you to show you the beautiful surroundings and give you some background on the way the Spaniards live here.

You can reach the vultures by your own car, the roads/paths are generally easy to drive and for the adventurous driver we have a number of alternative routes available.




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