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Unique pre-selection in your search for a (second) home in Spain

Want to save time and money in your search for a (2nd) home? We have the solution! With looking through your eyes, we will visit the houses that you have selected in advance. With our knowledge and contacts, we ensure that only those houses remain from your selection that really meet your preferences! Want to know more about this unique concept??

Houses for sale

After living in Los Velez for 14 years, we know the most beautiful places to live, but also the pitfalls of the local housing market. The offer of houses often runs through the websites of several “real estate agents” and (with exceptions) it often only concerns 1 thing … sell quickly!

We are not a real estate agent and do not want to be, but we can show you houses for sale and, if interested, put you in touch with the selling party. We do not charge the buying party any costs for this, we get our compensation from our compensation from the selling party.

We are open and honest about the ‘legal’ status of all the houses we offer. We aim to only show houses that are in possession of a ‘Licencia de primera Ocupacion’ or an A.F.O.

Of course you can contact us for the purchase guidance of your house, see also our page ‘Paperwork’. Our extensive network in and around Los Velez also gives you access to lawyers, construction companies, suppliers, etc. You can also use our services in the field of maintenance of your house, garden and swimming pool. See also our page Maintenance house, garden and swimming pool

This is one of those places you fall in love with. Uniquely situated at the foot of the mountain ‘La Muela’ and with spectacular views. About 9 km from the center of Velez Rubio or Velez Blanco, but equipped with all comforts. Fixed water and electricity connection, supplemented with solar panels. In addition, for the cooler days, central heating and of course a cozy fireplace. The house is relatively new and modern and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The fenced land of 10,000 m2 is suitable for planting almond and olive trees. Located in a protected area, this house will not be able to be expanded further or have a fixed swimming pool. An above-ground swimming pool and extension for agricultural purposes (for example a shed/garage) are among the possibilities. The built-up area is 135 m2, of which 105 m2 is habitable. The house is fully legal and has a ‘Licencia de primera Occupacion’. The architect has detailed plans for the construction of a basin and garage. The south-oriented outdoor roof is the place for summer evenings, sun, view, wine…….

Alhambra Granada

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